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My wishlist is for good cels, good character shots, in great condition. Backgrounds are good but not needed. I will take either hand painted or color copy backgrounds. Sketches are not necessary but nice if you have them. I will trade or buy. NO FAN CELS, only authentic pieces.

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Batman TAS
Pretty much any good shot of any villain from the TAS seasons. And good ones of Batman and Robin. Or any important character. Also interested in TNBA, Batman Beyond, or JL cels Will Give Kidney
Any good character shots I don't have. As well as a matching background for the Nightshade head shot. High
Captain Planet
Any good Planeteer group shot High
Good shot of either Captain Planet or Captain Pollution. Perhaps both in the same shot. Medium
Good shots of the Eco-Villains or Gaia Low
Darkwing Duck
Any good character shots. Will Give Kidney
Dinosaur Island
A recent(within the last 10 years) DiC movie. Wouldn't mind a good cel or 2 from this Medium
Extreme Ghostbusters
ANY good cel from this show Will Give Kidney
G.I. Joe
Hmmm... good Zartan, Zarana, or Cobra Commader cels. Not too big on this show but not picky over Sunbow or DiC eps Low
Real Ghostbusters
Cthulhu Very High
Any single or group Ghostbuster shots, good poses. High
Janine from "The Devil in the Deep" in bikini High
Janine in bath towel from "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster" High
Grundel or Samhain Low
Rock N Rule
From the classic Canadian animated film, would love ANY good cel from this movie should they exist Will Give Kidney
Sailor Moon
Hmmm... good Jupiter cels, or any good cels. Show me what you have for sale assuming price is reasonable Medium
Stunt Dawgs
Hmm... any more good shots of Sizzle, preferably full body. Backgrounds would be nice too. Medium
A good Galvatron shot, perhaps. Not too picky though. Must be good shots. May be interested in the Japanese stuff too. Medium

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Gallery Created: 2/20/2006

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